I Fell For You

Written by: Ruth Pollack Pappas

I Fell For You

Music & Lyrics by: Ruth Pollack Pappas

I Fell For You

Music & Lyrics by: Ruth Pollack Pappas
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There are sweet words
So old fashioned
I don’t hear ‘em much anymore
They live in some good old fashioned movie
Now, on the cuttin’ room floor
Those obsolete words
Filled with passion
Became, painfully true
When you put your arm around my shoulder
I fell for you

I’ve seen some good years
I’ve seen some bad years
Some of my best years
Went wrong
A moment can shatter a lifetime
Or last a lifetime long
It was a warm day
In September
Beaches empty
Summer’s through
You kissed me once
And that was the moment
I fell for you

Give me a good old fashioned movie
Where the good guys always win
They all ride into the sunset
Never to be lonesome again
As I sit here
Lost and lonely
Friends say “Why won’t you find someone new”?
There is one and only one answer
I fell for you.

And I fell big time
I fell hard time
Took me no time
I heard my heart pound faster and faster
The closer
You came to me.

It’s crazy but true
What else could I do?
Oh, I fell for, you.

Music and Lyrics – Ruth Pollack Pappas

Cell  – (917) 533-8440
Copyright 2013


Molly Rocklind: Lead Vocal
Paul Rucker: Keyboards
Dave Flint: Electric Guitar
Jeff Silverman: Drum Programming, Bass

Produced and Arranged by: Jeff Silverman
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Silverman at:
Palette Music • Studio • Productions
Virtual Studio Networks
Nashville / Mt Juliet, Tennessee, U.S.A.

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